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Our mission

Our mission is to provide and develop the most sustainable and eco-friendly products for the pharmacy market. By continually improving our business practices and efficiency, we have managed to significantly minimize waste and environmental impacts.

Our objective is to educate and sensitize the pharmacy market to expend pharmacies' obligations beyond the health of their customers to incidentally include the concern for the planet’s health as well. We are deeply committed to being the solution for pharmacists looking to work with sustainable products.


EcoloPharm specializes in eco-design, which consists in applying the principles of sustainable development in the creation of a product. Taking into account all environmental and social impacts throughout a product’s life cycle and thereby reducing its ecological footprint. This is achieved by a careful analysis of raw materials and rigorous evaluation of the product’s manufacturing, distribution, usage and recycling.

Award and recognition

Since the launch of our products, several associations have emphasized the excellence of the work of EcoloPharm and its research in eco-design. Thereby, it is not surprising that EcoloPharm has been recognized as a leader in innovation in the industry and has won several environmental awards.

They talk about us

Concours Novae Écoconception 2012

The Novae competition, highlights the eco-responsible initiatives of Quebec companies. This eco-design contest aims to reward both large companies and SMEs for the best ecodesign projects, that is, that respect and integrate the principles of sustainable development.

Concours Ecodesign Novae 2016

More information at: (French only)

Sustainable Packaging Leadership Award, 2012, Packaging Consortium

PAC Global Leadership Awards give industry-based, peer recognition for excellence in all formats of packaging, in branding and graphic design, in technical aspects and in sustainability. PAC Awards are the longest running all container inclusive competition in North America.

Green Leadership Award, 2011, Commitment to Care & Service.

The Commitment to Care & Service Awards is the only independent national awards program created to recognize and reward the very best in pharmacy.

Many past Commitment to Care & Service Award winners have gone on to become leaders in the profession.