The ECOLO-VIAL™ is a revolutionary innovation in vial conception attributed to its novel eco-design. Made entirely of 100% recyclable Polypropylene, the vials have come to redefine and simplify the vial market for pharmacists and patients alike.

Compared to other vials manufactured in several sizes, the ECOLO-VIAL™ is exclusively designed in four concise sizes: PL-10, PL-17, PL-34 and PL-56. They offer the same filling capacities as other vials on the market but with a minimum number of sku’s.


  • Lighter, multipurpose and ergonomic.
  • Easy to open for adults yet very child-resistant.
  • ECOLO-VIAL™ is manufactured in one piece resulting in a 10% to 35% reduction in plastic used per vial (depending on the size of vial).
  • Packed in boxes without the use of plastic bags; saving hundreds of thousands of plastic bags per year.
  • More than 55% energy savings at manufacturing level compared to other vials molded in 2 pieces. Dramatic energy savings compared to vials molded in 3 pieces.
  • The vials are immediately closed after the molding process thus greatly reducing contamination concerns.
  • Due to our innovative manufacturing process we can offer these unique vials at a very competitive price.

In addition to a wide range of environmental benefits,
the ECOLO-VIAL™ offers several benefits for both pharmacists and their patients:



Decrease in warehousing space

Cap and vial in one piece

Reduction in laboratory inventory volumes and simplified inventory management

Impossible to lose cap

Opportunity to send a positive message by improving corporate image


Cap and vial in one piece

Possibility of opening the vial in the dark

Reduced number of boxes and plastic bags

Easier to open for elderly patients


Medication placed in green vials is fully protected against UV radiation

 Contribute to environmental protection and sustainability

Contribute to environmental protection and sustainability


The second generation of Ecolo-Vial is now available! It is a redesigned and improved product, even more eco-friendly than the original Ecolo-Vial. The new Ecolo-Vial generates up to 100 times less COand uses up to 35% less plastic to manufacture than other vials on the market. Have a look at its opeing technique (a 38-seconds video) :

These vials can also be used for medical marijuana. 

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