The ECO–PILL is a new pill organizer following the same innovative eco-design philosophy. Made of 100% recyclable Polypropylene, it remains the only product of its kind that is both environmentally friendly and easier to use.

Eco-Pill is damage resistant and of superior-quality. Our goal was to facilitate pharmacists and their lab team’s work procedures. By designing the Eco-Pill with a considerably greater medication capacity, we have enabled the streamlining of costs and improved personnel’s time management. Being a company of eco-conception and design, we have included two storage cartons within the packaging box to facilitate the stowing of Eco-Pill in pharmacy laboratories. Easier to open, to transport and to manipulate, Eco-Pill is designed to simplify your work method and convenience your patient’s life.



High quality and damage resistant

Effortless detachment of rows and individual compartments

The only 100% recyclable pill organizer

The only 100% recyclable pill organizer

Made in Canada

Easy to pierce compartment labels

Available at your wholesaler

Fully-opening and entirely accessible compartments

Decrease of pill organizers per patient

Larger compartments enabling easier manipulation

50% of additional space for morning/bedtime medications and 10% more for lunch/dinner medications

Better portability due to solid design

Promote eco-responsible corporate image

No more cuts and scratches due to rounded edge design