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In order to reduce its ecological footprint and improve its value chain, EcoloPharm promotes eco-responsible practices. Our approach aims to consider the environmental, social and economic impacts of the products we offer. And this is throughout their respective life cycles: from the extraction of the raw materials necessary for its production to its end-of-life, through its manufacturing, distribution, use and recycling.

Environmental benefits

Our products are strictly made of 100% Polypropylene. Beside the numerous environmental advantages in using Polypropylene, the most prevalent is the fact that it does not release toxic substances into the environment, unlike PVC (material favored by other companies for some of their products).

By virtue of our stringent product life cycle analysis (done by Raymond Chabot), we acknowledge that by choosing Polypropylene we managed to reduce the quantity PS by 1000 tons per year and PE by 200 tons per year (Source: Recyc-Québec).

As a result of our ultramodern manufacturing process, the production of our products allows for a 55 % reduction in energy costs as well as a decrease of 55% in greenhouse gas emissions. EcoloPharm is proud to have the lowest environmental record in the industry.

Thanks to a state-of-the-art manufacturing process, and a research and development that has allowed the eco-design of our products, EcoloPharm is proud to have the lowest environmental impact in the industry. For example, the manufacture of our products generate:

  • energy saving of 55%
  • 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • 53% reduction in packaging waste
  • 31% reduction in the number of pallets for deliveries
  • 31% reduction in the number of deliveries

Despite these encouraging trends, EcoloPharm is engaged in a process of continuous improvement and is keen to review its methods and processes to minimize its environmental footprint.

Economical benefits

EcoloPharm is commited to changing the healthcare sector by being the first company to propose the most ergonomic family of products on the market. Various economic benefits emerge from this initiative

  • Decrease in warehousing and laboratory space
  • Reduction and streamlining of laboratory inventory
  • Agressive pricing
  • Improvement of corporate brand image
  • Reduced manipulation

EcoloPharm also hires thirty employees, all dedicated to offering you quality products and services.

Social benefits

EcoloPharm’s products are eco-designed in order to simplify pharmacists endeavor and benefit life for their patients. For exemple, the Ecolo-Vial, which is molded in one piece (vial and cap attached to each other) for easy handling and without the risk of losing the cap. Thereby choosing EcoloPharm products the pharmacist contributes not only in their patient’s health but also in the health of the planet.

EcoloPharm is pleased to contribute annually to various non-profit organizations and projects that seek to improve people’s health and protect the environment.