Our products are strictly made of 100% Polypropylene. Beside the numerous environmental advantages in using Polypropylene, the most prevalent is the fact that it does not release toxic substances into the environment.

By virtue of our stringent product life cycle analysis, we acknowledge that by choosing Polypropylene we managed to reduce the quantity PS by 1000 tons per year and PE by 200 tons per year (Source: Recyc-Québec).

As a result of our ultra modern manufacturing process, the production of our products allows for a 55 % reduction in energy costs as well as a decrease of 55% in greenhouse gas emissions.

Our objective is to considerably reduce our negative impacts on the environment and society while continually improving our products’ quality and performance. We have considerably:

  • Saved electricity up to 55%
  • Decreased the use of raw material by 35%
  • Reduced packaging waste by 53%
  • Decreases the number of annual delivery pallets by 31%